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Andy Francis began working in landscaping and construction when he started taking on smaller projects over 27 years ago. Andy Francis Landscaping & Construction would soon set itself apart from our competition thanks to how greatly we pride ourselves on our honesty and reliability. We deliver precisely the work that we agree upon with our clients, and always within the budgetary and time constraints set forward. In that fashion, we strive not only to meet our clients’ expectations of us, but also to exceed them.

We’re the Land Clearing Specialists

Because it requires much of the same equipment and may be carried out in the winter, Andy Francis Landscaping & Construction also specializes in land clearing. The process of removing trees, stumps and other obstacles from a piece of land so that it may be better used for agricultural, residential, or recreational purposes. Land clearing is an incredibly versatile means of preparing land for a number of intended purposes

We’re Ready to Handle Your Landscaping or Construction Project

Today, Andy Francis Landscaping & Construction has become the greater Detroit Lakes area’s preeminent solution for everything that landscaping entails. We are Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute certified, so in addition to providing boulder walls, brush mowing, tree and shrub planting, and so much more, we are able to create beautiful outdoor recreational spaces for homes and businesses throughout our area of operations.




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equipped to get the job done right

We are able to effectively complete landscaping and land clearing projects of any size because of the cutting-edge equipment that we use. The primary machines we keep in our employ include:

  • Caterpillar D3K2 Track-Type Tractor with mulching head attachment
  • Kubota KX080-4 Power Utility Excavator with mulching head attachment
  • CAT 299 HXE, CAT 259 D2 Track Loader
  • Komatsu 128 PC US Excavator

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