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Right of Way Clearing for Road & Utility Construction Contractors

At Andy Francis Landscaping and Construction, LLC, we understand that Minnesota is home to ongoing road construction and utilities installation. As a right of way clearing expert in the state, we’re no stranger to the laws that regulate these projects and the standards that must be met in order for them to be completed successfully. Our crew specializes in right of way clearing for many applications including installation of gas, petroleum, water, transmission, and fiber optic cable lines. We also have experience in fence line clearing of any kind. Our fleet of highly specialized equipment and trained technicians provide complete and expedient removal of all manner of trees and brush that are common to the Midwest.

Right of Way Clearing


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We Get the Job Done Right

Our state-of-the-art equipment and years of practice enable us to handle jobs of any size, and we have a long track record for safety. Once we’ve cleared the right of way, we mulch all the healthy vegetation and spread it out. Reasons are twofold: to reduce erosion and inhibit regrowth. This also helps speed up the construction process as the land can be driven on almost immediately. .

Maintaining Roads & Road Right of Ways Preserve Safe Access to Your Property

Roads require upkeep to maintain service. In summer, vegetation can grow up to and over roadways and access roads, limiting accessibility and visibility, while heavy rains can cause potholes and washouts. In winter, timely snow removal is necessary for the safety of all motorists. At Andy Francis Landscaping & Construction, we are equipped and have the manpower to meet all of these upkeep needs.

Keep Your Utilities Clear of Unwanted Vegetation

Right of way clearing is essential to utility providers and customers alike. Keeping the land that pipelines and power lines occupy free from intrusive vegetation is key to assuring that they provide reliable service, preventing expensive repairs, interruptions, and outages. Andy Francis Landscaping & Construction will ensure that your valuable utility structures stay safe from trees and brush. We also do fence-line clearing. No matter your right of way clearing needs, we are standing by to satisfy them.

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