Hunting Trail & Food Plot Clearing

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From Tree Clearing to Soil Tilling

Avid hunters like any advantage they can get when deer season rolls around. Having full access to your property is imperative to a successful hunt. Another thing that is for certain: Deer like to eat, and they’ll go where the food is.

Andy Francis Landscaping & Construction has several years of experience developing hunting ground for both hunters and the game they’re after. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to get into tight places to carve out natural looking trails and feeding areas. Not only should trails flow nicely, they must be free of rocks and boulders and be strategically placed in order to funnel the deer where you want them to be. In addition, we can clear cartways that will accommodate horses, a truck, ATV, or snowmobile, making it a breeze to haul supplies in or game out of property. With our mulching attachments, we save time and money that hauling debris away would cost. Mulching also stops erosion, enriches the soil, inhibits future growth, and allows you to use the area immediately. We can also till your soil so it is ready for planting when you are


Grubbing Out Food Plot Area


Tilling Up the Soils


Removal of Dead Trees


Removal of Rocks and Boulders

From Planting to Maintaining Your Plot: We Do It All!

Andy Francis Landscaping & Construction has several years of experience developing food plots that are proven to give hunters a keen advantage during deer season. Because we are adept at analyzing soil, we can implement the best fertilizer and most appropriate seed for any given property. We also establish and maintain those food plots thanks to our thorough approaches to tree planting, trimming, and weed control. Our food plots are certain to attract hungry deer, who will think they hit the jackpot…for a little while, at least.

Attract Big Game with Hunting Trails & Food Plots

Andy Francis Landscaping & Construction knows how to help give hunters only the best when it comes to hunting. That may include chambering the latest in bullet technology, testing out a recently developed scent formula that promises to attract bucks from miles around, and any other number of interesting gear and techniques that best attract deer to your hunting site.

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