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We Can Clear Your Property of Unwanted Brush

Andy Francis Landscaping & Construction has provided brush clearing services for virtually every practical application imaginable. We have cleared brush for ecological concerns, including hydrological wetlands restoration and wildlife habitat reclamation on government lands; commercial clients, including farmers who are preparing their land for crops and livestock, as well as commercial pipeline rights of way; and for homeowners who would prefer their land be clear and open rather than full of trees, shrubs, scrub, and tall grass which breeds ticks, mosquitoes, and other vermin.

We owe our ability to clear brush fast, thoroughly, and cost-effectively both to our cutting-edge equipment and our landscapers’ unrivaled experience — our well-maintained fleet of brush clearing machines not only have the capacity to clear massive amounts of brush in very little time, but our team has racked up thousands of hours operating our equipment over the course of our countless previous projects throughout the greater Detroit Lakes area. Our thorough and professional approach will ensure that your brush clearing project is completed within the time that you have allotted for it, if not faster. We take a measured approach to every brush clearing project and pay utmost attention to safety, while ensuring that our clients’ properties receive no damage.

We’ll Bring Your Vision to Life!

With some description of your property and an understanding of the parameters of the brush clearing project you’d like performed, we can quickly swoop into action to develop your land exactly as you envision it. Please call today so we may explain how we would be of incomparable service for all of your brush clearing needs.

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